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Urban Walk

Feature: Lucio Vanotti , Oliver Spencer.We took a stroll in the oasis of Taipei - Daan Forest Park. Which is surrounded by all the mansions that costs you a couple billions NTD. Imagine Upper East Side of NYC, Yes! It's a beautiful neighborhood. Sadly none of us can afford the life(yet) - chillng on the sofa with friends, having a glass or two of bubbles and watching over the emerald green gem of the city by the giant ceiling to floor windows

The lifestyle in Purplehood

When people say Purplehood in Taipei, a place which is filled with purple, you must have the image. Maybe you’ve seen it on the street or the uploaded picture by your friend. The first Acai café in Taiwan, which is owned by three Korean young men.They promote the health life and the products they sell are all low calorie and high nutrient. SYML had a chance to talk with the founders of Purplehood, let's see what's their view toward lifestyle and